Kusarigama Poem by Kikegawa Satoshi

Namiai Mura Isshin-ryu Kusarigamajutsu Taikai Kanari - Kikegawa Satoshi

Yuukoku shinran keisuiwa hayashi
harukani noboreba gantou koshino oka
Jion soshin mata syubu
buppou awase gyouzu namiaino hotori
Gekiken jyo on shiya ni todoroki
kensa furui hirameki jyakyu wo sirizoku
Yuuyuu roppyaku yuuyonen
dentou isshin imanawo nagaru

I attended Namiai Village Sickle and Chain meeting of Isshinryu school,
and was very impressed so composed this poem.

We came up far away, climbing the steep
mountain path, among the deep ravine
and mountain recess, a mountain stream
rapidly flowing down along the path.

We reached the top. There was a
huge rock and on it, we could find
an old stone shrine. We worshipped it.

Priest Jion who was the originator of
Isshinryu sickle and chain martial
arts school, worshipped this god
eagerly and also studied budo.

And also practiced Buddhist
austerities in Namiai area.

The sound of fencing or Jodo echoed
all around in this area. And spread
all over the world.

When sickles and chains swing
or brandish, all wicked enemies
were dispersed.

After more than six hundred years,
for a long time was elapsed.

Even now Isshinryu sickle and chain art
was handed down by Nihon Jodokai,
with the whole mind.
How splendid this is!

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